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Wednesday, July 25th, 2001
10:37 pm - It's Been a while...
Havent written in my journal in a really long time =( Dont know, just havent gotten around to it.

I went to cait's house today, we have been going out for 3 months today =) I love Cait. She is the best :)

I bleached my hair and was going to dye it pink haha but i am too tired to do it and my mom doesnt want to cause she wants to get some sleep. so, i will prolly just do it tomorrow or something.

going to a punk\hardcore show with brandon tomorrow, its going to be great. i get paid for my wicked cool job tomorrow also. It is going to be a good day.

well nothing really going on in my life that's really exciting. just boring days over and over again going to work hanging out with people more often and shit. same old same old. just stuff, i guess.

Starting to get into an old game that i used to play called rwk. brandon got me back into it =)
its pretty fun cause all my good friends are into it now and we have fun playing it.

anyway, i am going to get some sleep now. save other stuff for another day cause i am tired as hell.

current mood: good

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10:31 pm - Hi!



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Friday, July 13th, 2001
6:47 pm - Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
I went to see this movie in oswego with my friends yesterday. It was great. The movie was completely made by CGI or Computer Generated Graphics. The Graphics and everything were amazing. The storyline was great also. The characters had great effect for being computer generated. The accually showed real emotion and shit...allthough some faces they made made no sense what-so-ever. They were just weird. But, if you dont pay any attention to the little things it was an amazing movie.

I went with some friends to see it. There was Cait, Ryan, Brandon, and Ricki.

Havent seen Ricki in a while cause he moved. But, he came back for a little while to visit with brandon and he came with us to see the movie. It was fun for the little time i got to see him. He's cool.

Well, i got paid yesterday also. The check came out to be $144.17 but with the little taxes they took out for medical reasons i got to keep 133.17 =) it was great. I have about $70 left. $50 in the bank and $20 in my pocket. I am going to the mall tomorrow to spend the rest of my money prolly.

Got 2 new shirts today =D a hook-ups skating shirt and a destructo skating shirt also. It's great. I LOVE having money i can just spend and not worry about anything =P

I will prolly go skating a little after i get home from the mall tomorrow. But, untill then i have nothing to do. =P always boring. Summer SUCKS! it is not going to bad though.

Work is great.

And, that's pretty much it. Off to my boring day of doing nothing :P hehe

current mood: bored

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Monday, July 9th, 2001
3:25 am - blank!
Today wasnt to good :( i did like nothing. Every time i checked AIm to see if anyone was on noone that i wanted to talk to was on. Cait was at Bean's house when i called. And, i have done pretty much nothing besides clean, work, and just sit here bored as hell!

Was going to go to Cait's today but i havent talked to her in 2 days. So, i dont know what is going on.

Cant sleep and i have to go to work in 3 and a half hours :( YAY! what fun. It's not really to bad. I just sit there in an office and drink coffee and eat doughnuts all day and get paid for it :D hehe sometimes we work. I am on the maintenance crew at the local police station hehe It's a job though so i dont care as long as i get MONEY!

Havent really done to much of anything lately. I might just go skating or something after work tomorrow cause i dont have a ride home. I will prolly call Cait after work and see what's going on with her and see if her mom will pick me up somewhere like at Ryan's house or something.

I need to get off my lazy arse and start doing things productive besides sitting on my comp all day. I have started not to do that so much. And, i got a job. So, i am going somewhere with my life.

Havent really been skating much, cause i have been spending to much time of this game redmoon. Cause i am going to have to pay for it soon and i dont wanna not play it cause then that would be a big waste of money. But, i also want to not play it so much and do other things.

I am going to see Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within this wednesday with a couple friends of mine. Brandon and Ricki. Ricki came from where he lived a pretty long ways away and stuff to visit with people and we are going to see that movie and stuff. I dont really know him to well but he's cool. Ryan Hinman is prolly going to go with us too. I can't wait to see it, the previews look great. and, i think its going to be a good movie!! :) I guess i will just have to wait till i see it.

This is a pretty long entry. I have a little much to say cause i havent been writing in lj to much. Not really any time and i just havent gotten around to it hehe :P

I am just sitting here right now cause i am bored and cant sleep. Anyway, enough of this babling. I will prolly just go lay down or something cause i am hot as hell and sweating my ass off!!!

current mood: blank

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Tuesday, July 3rd, 2001
11:05 pm - Made a couple sites!!! ^^
Redmoon Screen Shots this is a site i made for screen shots of the game that i play ^^
About ME!!! and this is a site about me, which is completely done yet =) but i will finish it soon enough =P

current mood: busy

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4:59 pm - Learned new HTML thingy!!!
"learned this from Ryan Hinman! ^^"

current mood: chipper

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Monday, July 2nd, 2001
4:18 pm - Slacker!!
Havent written in my journal in a long time now!! i will have to get back into it soon enough!

Started my new job today. It was cool. I cant wait to get my first pay check. I really want to get some money! hehe =) Money is SUPER GOOD! I am on the maintenance crew in the police station. I just pretty much clean everything and get paid for it allthough i dont really do much, clean a little and take a 30 minutes break is pretty much my day.

My hair will be blue tonight when i decide to bleach and dye it again ;) I am really lazy and i have to get back into the "school rutine" so i can get up early enough to make it to work ontime. So, my hair will be blue as soon as i get enough energy to get up and do it!

Went with Cait to some pond in Weedsport. It was nice and fun allthough it was kinda windy and cold. Then we went to some person's house that she doesnt even really know and we ate some cake there! It was a nice fun day cause i got to spend it with Cait. She was going to pick me up at like 11:30 but i didnt wake up till 11 and it was storming on and off untill like 1. Then, it decided to calm down and not rain or thunder anymore.

But, the job went well today and i am going to be happy as soon as i get piad! Money is the best!

And, that's pretty much how my past week has been, LAZY MARC! And, i will prolly go play some redmoon right now cause noone is on to talk to, and that is the only thing i am up to doing right now cause it doesnt take much except for sitting here! And, It's kinda fun! =D

current mood: accomplished

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Tuesday, June 26th, 2001
2:20 am - BLAH!
Today, umm..went over to Cait's house I dont know, today kinda sucked. I was completely out of everything today. It completely sucked =(its not quite still the same day cause, its like 2:24 AM but yesterday me and Cait have been going out for 2 months. I dont know, today was supposed to be a good day. Well, it was kinda.

I experienced Cait in depresion mode today. She seemed really sad.I thought she was mad at me and, she kinda was. I asked what was wrong, she said nothing, we just gave eachother hugs. I just wanted to hold her and never let go. I felt bad, but i knew it wasnt my fault and there was nothing i could do about it.

I love Cait, i just want to hug her again and never let go. But, i had to go cause her mom was ready to bring me home. I was going to talk to her about stuff on AIM. But, my bro wouldnt let me on cause he was pissed cause i am always on.

I hate being tired. I always am allthough i get so much sleep. I think i should just stop sleeping all-together. Cause, when i dont sleep i feel great and i have tons of energy but, when i do sleep for some unknown reason i am always tired and i hate it.

But, um.. i will talk to Cait about stuff later. For now, i am going to bed. good night

I love Cait <3 ^_^
2 months

current mood: blah

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Saturday, June 23rd, 2001
6:48 pm - Okay...then, BAD!
Today wasnt to bad, cause Ryan came over and stuff. It was cool cause i had something to do besides sit on my comp all day and night. WE pretty much just talked and shit but i thought it was fun. i like spending time with friends. =)

And, Me and Cait have been going out for 2 months this monday, July 25th. its cool for some reason it seems we have been going out for a lot longer, but for others it doesnt seem like that long at all. confusing, huh??
I love Cait =D

anyway, i didnt really do anything today. Just played a little bit of redmoon. And, that's pretty much it.

And, a couple little girls from the jr. high school called me and asked if i wanted to come over to their house. Hmm.. wonder why. But, i told them "NO!!" They are dumb and they wicked want Ryan haha. I think that's funny. He talks to them all the time. And, he doesnt like it and i told them that , but he doesnt like being mean, he tries to be as nice as he can. So, when he talks to them they always ask him if he wants to tlak to them and he just says yes and says that i was lying. Its pretty dumb but i dont care. i am not just going to say. "NO!!!! you cant talk to them or im not your friend" =P anyway, enough of this. I will prolly find someting else to do besides sit in front of my comp for the rest of the day.

Computers! used to love them when i first got one, but now they are seeming boring. i only use it to talk to people and that's pretty much it. Sometimes i play some games but they are pretty boring also. I need to get off my lazy ass and go skate or do something productive like spend more time with my wicked cool friends. =P

Today was becoming sortof a good day but still boring. But, then my mom came home from a b-day party at her friend's house in her friend's car.i was kinda confused, but then my mom told me that on her way home the car broke down. Our NEW car, the transmission just like blew up =( it wicked sucks.
I just got mail saying i got a "real" job. And, my mom was going to bring me everday. But, now i am forced to get up at like 5 AM every morning in order to have time to get ready and skate into town every day to get to work on time. It sucks. I dont like just getting up that early and just skating. And, i dont know what i am going to do on rainy days. Cause , i cant skate in the rain unless i have the money just to buy a new skateboard the same day, which i really dont wanna do. I dont know. i just think this summer is going to really suck =( i will get over it soon though,i hope. i usually do.

current mood: blah

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Friday, June 22nd, 2001
12:42 pm - nono...rainy day!! >:o
Today i was supposed to do lots of things with my friends, but i just figured out that is supposed to rain on and off all day. :( this is not good. I was going to have fun today.

I guess i will just have to sit on my comp all day like i usually do on a rainy day, or any other boring day, anyway.

Ryan is not home right now >:o and some chicks from the jr. high keep calling my house looking for him. AHH!! this is dumb. First he shouldnt be wanting to talk to these people and second, they need to stop calling my house wanting to speak with him. I keep tellling them that he is not here and they keep calling insisting that he is here and they want to talk to him. Damn little people i hate some of them, they are soo annoying.

Anyway, i am just going to sit here for a little while and prolly get some sleep soon. Like, take a nap or something and make up for all the sleepless nights i have had this week. Maybe, i wont be so tired from now on if i accually try and get some sleep ;)

current mood: awake

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Thursday, June 21st, 2001
9:03 pm - Good day tomorrow ^_^
I am going skating with a bunch of my friends tomorrow i cant wait. It's going to be awesome. I love just skating all over the place all day; with bunches of people it looks awesome and its just fun. fun fun fun..i am all excited. I havent really skated with a bunch of my friends in a wicked long time. I am just hoping it doesnt rain =( that would be the worst.

I am skating with Ryan Hinman, Hubert Cunningham, and one of his friends Chad McCann, and Hubie's cousin Matt...

Cait came over today. It wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. I got all my room cleaned and shit. It wasnt so bad.

But, i am getting ready to get some sleep cause i need lots of energy for the little skating thing i am going to do w/ friends. I havent slept in like 30 some-od hours.

G'night everyone.

current mood: excited

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6:52 am - *has had his nice livejournal for 2 months now!*
YAY!!! i was just looking through my info for something to do cause i am bored and i noticed to my surprise that i have been keeping this live journal thingy for 2 months. That's crazy, i have never kept anything for that long =X *broke his record for longest kept item in life* besides my wicked cool scars, but i will post them as soon as i decide to use my scanned and figure out HTML and stuff like that.

current mood: excited

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5:32 am - Cait is coming over for first time…
I am cleaning right now cause my house is a wreck and i am the only one in my house that cleans besides my mom. Cait is coming over in a few hours. YAY!!! =D first time she has been to my house since we started going out. It's weird cuase at her house we watch TV and shit in her room but i have nothing in my room but my bed my couch and my dresser and a very old desk made of solid maple hehe..worth lots but, very ugly. My house is very embarrising to look at right now. I have tons of work to do. But, its ok. I am sure it will be fine. Just wish i could at least get cable in my room. anyway, i havent gotten any sleep at all i have been awake all night. And, i also have to mow the lawn before she can some over. But, it will all be done in a matter of hours =D well off to clean now YAY!! what fun. *hint of sarcasm*

update: i am finished cleaning YAY!!! it is over..the pain the horror hehe took me like 1 hour just in my room =X but, it is all done =D

current mood: working

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Wednesday, June 20th, 2001
7:36 pm - lonely...
Well, i have been sitting in front of my comp for around 5 hours or more now... And, there is noone on right now. I have noone to talk to, so lonely, so bored. =(

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7:06 pm - ...
Today was a very boring day. It is 7 PM and i am still in my pjs. Nothing what-so-ever to do. And, i cant stand it anymore. I think i am just going to go to sleep and waste the rest of the day. I never thought i would hate summer vacation so much. I always thought summer vacation would be good but, no it isnt all its cut out to be. Very boring. I would much rather be in school right now. At least i would have something to keep me awake and something to do besides stare at the ceiling, wall, or my computer screen. I usually play games when i am home with nothing to do. But, they are really boring, sometimes even more boring than just sitting there doing nothing. I will prolly go to Cait's tomorrow. But, i have to wait and talk to her about it. I need to get off my lazy ass and do something. But, i dont wanna skate into town cause i am lazy. I am willing to go skating but, it is to far to skate into town every single day. And, there is noone to skate with. And, i hate skating alone. But, i will figure something out soon enough, i think, i hope.
Today would have to be classified as the most boring day i have ever had in my life...that i remember anyway. Anyway, enough of this rambling about my boring day. I am prolly going to go lay down and fall asleep or something. g'night.

current mood: bored

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Sunday, June 17th, 2001
1:13 pm - Father's day >=(
Today is supposed to be father's day, and my mom and everyone in my family went to there father's houses and shit to spend time with them today. i dont really have a -father- or -dad- cause my mom never married -him-. And, i dont like him at all cause he never calls me or anything and he lives like 1200 miles away, in Tennessee. He is also my bro's -dad- but he completely disowns him and that just completely pisses me off. My brother has a lot of anger bottled up inside of him because of this guy, and it makes me mad to see him the way he is. But, there is nothing i can do about it. We got blood tests and DNA tests and shit to prove that he was his dad but he still completely denies it. Anyway, i am lonely right now cause noone is at my house but me. But, tat will be ok soon, cause i am going over to Cait's later today =D cait is the best ^_^ Today is supposed to be a good day but so far it isnt at all. It will be much better once i can see Cait.

I <3 Cait =D

current mood: annoyed

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Saturday, June 16th, 2001
6:43 pm - Bitches!!
hehe i just watched one of the best videos i have ever seen. It was a pokemon video to mindless self-indulgences song bitches. It's wicked funny..cause pikachu just keeps saying "my bitches love me cause they know that i can ROCK!!" the person who made it did a really good job. It is like almost perfect. Anyway, i am just sitting here talking to people on AIM and listening to some music, i will prolly watch that vid again cause it is awesome. :) I think Ryan might come over today but i am not quite sure yet..cause he was going to get a ride from his mom but she is not home right now. But, if he doesnt come over today then i will prolly go over to Cait's tomorrow. If he can come over today then i will just go over to Cait's the day after tomorrow if i can! nothing really to do today cause i still dont feel to good. But, i am getting better. And, it is raining outside so i cant skate which i was kinda planning on doing later. Rainy days suck goat ass hehe ^_^

current mood: bored

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Friday, June 15th, 2001
10:48 pm - Just got home from the wicked cool Punk Rock show!!!1
I just got back from that little punk rock show dealy!! =] it was kinda fun. The last show i went to i just kinda sat there against the wall and didnt do anything but listen and talk to people. but, this time i accually got into the music and i was like bobbing my head and shit hehe. And, i busted off some mad cool tricks on my skat-board. Everyone was like all congratulating me and shit, and there were like "WOAH!!! DAMN YOUR SMOOTH" hehe it makes me feel good that i am really good at something.And, that i am good at something i like doing. Skateboarding is like 30% of my life. The internet is like 20% of my life, and the other 50% is my friends, and a little bit of my family. Just sitting here listening to music and talking to people on AIM. tonight is going to be boring cause i cant really sleep and there is nothing to do cause the game i was playing my char got erased :( But, i am just going to sit here and do pretty much nothing. YAY!!! sounds sooo exciting!!! =[

current mood: bored

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1:10 pm - Getting ready to go to Punk Rock show : )
Sitting here talking to people on AIM and listening to music. Ryan is here right now. WE are going to go to the Punk show together. Well, i am really bored right now nothing really to do cause it is all muggy and hot as hell outside, so i cant skate or else i get all wet and sweaty cause i sweat a lot. Cait is getting her hair dyed to green today :) I am going to re-dye my hair sometime cause i have money now because i sold my wicked cool old skateboard for 20 bucks =]

current mood: groggy

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Monday, June 11th, 2001
9:55 pm - Happy Days!!
Just got home from Cait's house a few minutes ago. It was cool. We watched some guys that she taped from this commedy show. They were pretty funny, although i dont laugh histarically over commedy performers on TV. They are much funnier in person like me hehe. She also took a picture of me. I am going to start being photogenic and get more pics of me and shit. I am starting to like being in pictures. It's all good hehe. She is going to take more pics of me soon..with my blue hair and shit. I think i am going to get some dye for myself and dye it all over again cause it's starting to come out already and it doesnt really look that good. But, soon it will look even better i bet. Cause i am just going to re-dye it. Well that's pretty much it. Good night

current mood: loved

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